MR Overview

Meraki's Wi-Fi offerings are in the MR range.

These are:

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Wave 2 - Reaching End Of Sale in June 2021, reaching End Of Life in June 2026

capable Wireless Access Points (WAPs).

Where Meraki WAPs perform well:

  1. High density Wi-Fi deployments. Schools, Halls, Public Spaces, Stadiums, Retail Spaces

  2. Large Wi-Fi installations. Warehouses, Schools, Offices

  3. Need for remote management / monitoring. Remote sites, home offices, multiple floors, multiple branch offices

  4. High performance WAPs. Thick walls, long range, open spaces, spectrum interference monitoring & optimizing, public/guest Wi-Fi

  5. Content management & Filtering. Integrates with Cisco Umbrella for DNS spoofing protection

  6. Wi-Fi 6 features like schedules check in with Internet of Things devices

  7. Bluetooth integration with Meraki's MT (Internet of Things (MT) and MV (Smart Camera) line)

Where MR devices fit in the network

Center right

Meraki MR Family Datasheet

Meraki MR Family Datasheet.pdf

MR Model Comparison

MR Comparison