The Meraki Dashboard

Meraki's Dashboard is the single cloud-based portal through which all Meraki devices are configured, managed and monitored.

Pain Points Meraki's Dashboard Solves

  1. True Single Pane of Glass - There is only one dashboard login as devices are added they appear in dashboard. There are no seperate logins or webpages requried for certain product skews.

  2. Enterprise Grade Security - Backed by Cisco Talos, Meraki's dashboard gives unparalled control over your network security. Safeguarding your data and applications.

  3. Save Time - Pro-active healing, plug & play functionality and remote troubleshooting all lead to massive time savings in deployment and management.

  4. Save Money - Saving manhours coupled with quality products that last years means Meraki has one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownerships of any network offering.

  5. Remote management - Login to dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection and configure, manage and monitor your networking devices remotley.

  6. Insights & Reporting - Get insights into what applications and websites are being accessed as well as device health with built in monitoring.

  7. Lean IT - Have the output of a full team of IT personnel with a couple admins. Focus on building value on the network not just running the network.

  8. Focus on Adding value - With a robust Meraki platform on which to build other business functions, spend time adding value to your organisation not just running your network.

Where Meraki's Dashboard fits in the network

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Meraki Cloud Managed Architecture

Meraki Cloud Managed Architecture Explained

Core Meraki Products

Meraki Dashboard Feature Breakdown