MI Overview

Meraki offers advanced performance application monitoring and analytics with Meraki Insight (MI). Meraki insight is software that runs on MX appliances, giving additional insights into:

  1. Application performance - Health, status, historical performance

  2. WAN link performance

This is particularly helpful when:

  1. Troubleshooting applications eg. Office 365, Salesforce etc.

  2. Ensuring Quality of Service and good User Expereince of SaaS applications

  3. Holding ISP's accountable to the WAN SLA's they are agreeing to, taking back control of the network link performance.

Typical use cases:

  1. Lots of SaaS applications being used by a company

  2. Ongoing issues with application useability and WAN performance, both needing investigation

  3. Wanting ongoing deeper insights into network performance

MI is recommended for all networks using MX devices.

Where MI fits in the network

Center, top left

MI Family Datasheet

MI Family Datasheet.pdf

Example MI Information

Meraki Insight (MI)



Meraki Insight Overview