vMX Overview

Meraki's vMX software allows for virtual instances of Meraki's MX routing rules to be configured in Public, Private or Hybird clouds.

This allows sites with complex cloud workloads to integrate with local private networks.

Where vMX fits in the network

Far left

vMX Models

vMX instances are available for purchase via:

  • Amazon Web Services - Meraki vMX
    Amazon charges either hourly or monthly for use of EC2 instances. Learn more about AWS EC2 pricing here.

  • Microsoft Azure - Meraki vMX
    Microsoft charges either hourly or annually for use of VM instances. Learn more about Azure VM pricing here.

  • Google Cloud Platform - Meraki vMX
    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) charges pay-as-you-go for use of its services. Learn more about GCP pricing here.

  • Alibaba Cloud - Meraki vMX
    Alibaba Cloud charges either pay-as-you-go or subscription options for use of its services. Learn more about Alibaba Cloud pricing here.

vMX Licence Terms

1, 3 or 5 year terms

Further Licencing Details